About APP Tech Blog

The Applied Projects Engineering Blog was created in 2015 to act as a forum for Automation and Information Systems projects. The Blog has many examples which effectively act as technotes for applications such as SQL Server and also focuses on practical project implementations in a validated environment.

The APP blog was originally started by Alan Phillips and now has numerous authors that contribute regular articles. If you are reading this and you would like involvement then please reach out. We are highly interested in networking with other engineers and expanding the community further.

Applied Projects Engineering was incorporated into a Private Limited company by shares in January 2018. The company provides expertise in Process Automation, Integration of  Networked Production Equipment and Computer Systems Validation/Commissioning. We are a Group of highly experienced Professionals with many projects completed in these areas. This blog allows these skills to be shared in a responsible and enjoyable way.

Please reach out to us at: contact@appliedprojectsengineering.com