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What is a Document Management System and why would you use it?

GDP Manager is a Document Management System which allows files to be stored securely and processed through a Quality review cycle. This application was originally developed for in office project use in Applied Projects Engineering and it has been developed further by to be of genuine value to companies looking to introduce a paperless Quality System. This Trial Edition application is free for use. File management is an important area to consider when approving content between external and internal bodies.  

Online Tutorial Video

The GDP Manager Application has a short online Tutorial video held on Youtube. This shows a clear step by step example of how to use the GDP Manager. The database setup is also detailed.

Select the Youtube link for an short video summary:

How can GDP Manager be Downloaded?

The GDP Manager Application can be downloaded by selecting the download link below. The software is available trial use and support can be provided if required.

To download the application select the following link:

APP_GDP_Manager_Setup.msi (5.28 mb)

For more guidance on the use of this application you can email:


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