Siemens S7 PLC and C# APP S7

What is the APP S7 Library

APP_S7 is an S7 PLC driver written by Alan Phillips that works with Siemens PLC's and with Ethernet connections. This means that the PLC must have a Profinet CPU or a profinet/ethernet external card (CP-343 etc). APP_S7 is written entirely in C# and aims to be the most flexible S7 PLC communication method. The APP_S7 Driver requires a license for long term operation. This can be requested by contacting:

Download the APP_S7 Library class

The APP_S7 Library is placed into a visual studio project as a reference class. To use the library, please send a request to the email link below:

How to add the APP_S7 library to a visual studio project

After the downloading the APP_S7 library dll, complete the following steps below to add the library to a Visual Studio project:

Step 1 - Select references and select "Add reference" to an existing project in visual studio

Step 2 - Browse for the class library from the reference manager. The library dll will be in the download location

Step 3 - Select "OK" to import the library into the references. The APP_S7 Library should appear in the references section

Step 4 - Ensure the "APP_S7" library is declared where required as below

With this completed, things should be up and running. Please look through the Posts for detail on the use of the library. Any issue please comment below and also watch the youtube video which goes into greater detail on the library. There are further posts which describe writing a reading values with a step by step explanation.


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